Llanerch Vineyard Wedding in South Wales – Bethan & Michael

On Saturday 3rd September 2016 I performed my duties as a South Wales wedding photographer at  the Llanerch Vineyard wedding of Bethan and Michael, within the Vale of Glamorgan of South Wales. At the beginning of the day I met up with the bride, her bridesmaids and mother whilst their were getting ready for the big day.  After the bridal hair and make up was completed and the wedding dress was put on, I went down to the bar to meet the groom with his ushers. The marriage ceremony was performed at the purpose built, Calon Lodge overlooking the vineyard. The day was one of wettest we had this summer, but keeping one eye on the weather during the drinks reception, we did manage to jump outside few a minutes outside to have a couple of portrait photographs of the bride and groom amongst the vines. The wedding breakfast was hosted in the permanent marquee, which unfortunately meant the whole set of guests having to make the rather precarious journey across the yard through the more than generous rainfall. However, with the lofting of umbrellas and the levitation of dress hems, we all made it safely to the venue, relatively dry.


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