Wedding at Coed Y Mwstwr – Sarah & Huw

Wow, received some very kind words from Sarah Huw, whose wedding I photographed this summer of 2016. I have posted an excerpt below along with some of the photographs I provided for the wedding.


“We would like to thank you so much for our stunning wedding photos. They document our special day so much and highlight the emotion of the day as it unfolded. You were so patient with us throughout the whole process and you were so discreet on the day that we didn’t feel at any point that we were being forced to pose. A subtle approach which was exactly what we wanted. The quality of the photos are timeless and I’m sure we will be looking at them for a long time I come. You have such a calm demeanour and you were a pleasure to be around on the day. We are so grateful and we enjoyed every minute of the whole experience.”


The photograph story begins with the bridal preparations at her mothers home in Bridgend. I left a little ahead of the bridal party, leaving them to make the last few adjustments whilst I caught up with the groom, patiently waiting and greeting guests at St Mary’s Church in Coity. The drinks reception and wedding breakfast was hosted at the Coed Y Mwstwr Country Hotel.


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