National Museum Cardiff – Victoria & Kenny

The National Museum Cardiff wedding of Victoria and Kenny was a splendid affair taking place amongst Cardiff’s weekend celebration of Roald Dahl and his works. I met up wiht the bride at St David Hotel in Cardiff Bay, where in a luxury suite Victoria, her mother and sister and a few close friends was busy with hair and make up in preparation for the days festivities. A lot of the roads in central Cardiff were closed for the weekend as thousands of Roald Dahl fans centred in the city. The bride arrived gracefully in her chauffuer driven Rolls Royce and was greeted by a cheering crowd as they parted to form a clear path for the bridal party to make their way in the museum. As a photographer was has now seen over 500 arrivals of brides, this one will remain in my memory for quite a while. The groom and their guest were waiting patiently in the art gallery for the marriage ceremony to begin. This was followed by drinks and speeches in the neighbouring galleries before the guest were called down into the main lobby for the wedding breakfast.


” I was so impressed by how wonderful you made everything look and how you truly managed to capture all my friends and family.”


“You were 100% the right choice and I am so pleased that you photographed our wedding. I really can’t thank you enough.”


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