Cardiff Museum Wedding – Rupal & Andrew

The 22nd of October 2016 I photographed the wedding of Rupal and Andrew. The days photography coverage began at the bride’s family home in Cardiff, where she was preparing for the big day.  A few minutes before they left for the marriage ceremony I departed, so I had a chance to meet up with the groom at Cardiff Museum as the guests were arriving. Just before the ceremony time I was in position outside of the main building to photograph Rupal’s elegant arrival. The marriage was performed in one of the museum’s 15 art galleries and the happy couple led the congregation through adjoining galleries to where the drinks were being served. Later in the day the wedding breakfast was hosted in the main lobby hall of the museum which enjoys such splendid architectural features as high ornate ceilings and marble twin staircases. As ever it was a pleasure to photograph as Cardiff Museum Wedding and it remains one of my favourites venues to work in.


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