Bryngarw House Wedding – Sam & Paul

Sam and Paul travelled from their home in Australia to host a United Kingdom wedding celebration at Bryngarw House near Bridgend in South Wales. Paul is from Australia and some of his family also made the journey, but Sam is from South Wales, so she was able to be joined on the day by her family and close friends. This was a mid-week wedding, taking place on Thursday 16th June 2016. It has been a very long time since I photographed a wedding at Bryngarw House, not since the first few years of my wedding photography career have I been here. Though I was rather pleased that they still use one of my pictures of their website. I was also pleased to see that under new ownership of the lease, the building has under gone renovations, bringing the aesthetics to a more contemporary feel.

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you. Love the pictures.

There are heaps that I want to get printed and framed, I’m sure my family will too.

Mostly just wanted to say thank you so much for being so discreet! I didn’t notice you being there and I didn’t realise how important that is, it really hit home to me how bloody great you were in capturing the day as opposed to contriving it.”


Bryngarw House Wedding PhotographsBryngarw-House-Wedding-002 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-003 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-004 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-005 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-006 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-007 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-008 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-009 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-010 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-011 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-012 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-013 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-014 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-015 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-016 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-017 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-018 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-019 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-020 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-021 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-022 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-023 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-024 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-025 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-026 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-027 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-028 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-029 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-030 Bride and groom in doorway of Bryngarw House Bryngarw-House-Wedding-032 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-033 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-034 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-035 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-036 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-037 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-038 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-039 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-040 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-041 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-042 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-043 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-044 Bryngarw-House-Wedding-045