Llanvihangel Court Wedding – Leisa & Ian

Here are a few photographs I created on Saturday 18th June 2016, they feature Leisa and Ian’s wedding photography from St Michael’s Church in the Monmouthshire village of Llanvihangel Crucorney. The reception was hosted across the road at Llanvihangel Court. This South Wales Grade I listed Tudor country house is still a private family, however it occasionally opens its doors and beautiful gardens for events and weddings.


“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the beautiful photos for our wedding on 18th June. Received them yesterday.

You really helped us keep so many of those memories of a wonderful day for us. You were also great fun which is always a bonus!

Thank you again.”


Llanvihangel-Court-180616001 Llanvihangel-Court-180616002 Llanvihangel-Court-180616003 Llanvihangel-Court-180616004 Llanvihangel-Court-180616005 Llanvihangel-Court-180616006 Llanvihangel-Court-180616007 Llanvihangel-Court-180616008 Llanvihangel-Court-180616009 Llanvihangel-Court-180616010 Llanvihangel-Court-180616011 Llanvihangel-Court-180616012 Llanvihangel-Court-180616013 Llanvihangel-Court-180616014 Llanvihangel-Court-180616015 Llanvihangel-Court-180616016 Llanvihangel-Court-180616017 Llanvihangel-Court-180616018 Llanvihangel-Court-180616019 Llanvihangel-Court-180616020 Llanvihangel-Court-180616021 Llanvihangel-Court-180616022 Llanvihangel-Court-180616023 Llanvihangel-Court-180616024 Llanvihangel-Court-180616025 Llanvihangel-Court-180616026 Wedding couple walking in field at Llanvihnagel Court Llanvihangel-Court-180616028 Llanvihangel-Court-180616029 Llanvihangel-Court-180616030 Llanvihangel-Court-180616031 Llanvihangel-Court-180616032 Llanvihangel-Court-180616033 Llanvihangel-Court-180616034 Llanvihangel-Court-180616035 Llanvihangel-Court-180616036 Llanvihangel-Court-180616037