Formal Groups


The majority of the photographs taken on your wedding day will be in a documentary fashion, that is unposed and unprompted.

However, I also understand you may wish to have a handful of posed group shots of close family members and friends, if this is the case please list the desired group shots below, provide names or titles and the number of people involved if a larger group.


Please give a copy of your list to best-man / ushers / bride-maids as they will be required to gather those involved


Obviously every family is different but one example could be;  1:parents  2:bridesmaids  3:best-man & ushers  4:grandparents  6:brother & sisters

To avoid disrupting the natural flow of the day, a limited number of formal groups is beneficial as this give you more time to mingle with friends and family and me more time to capture those attending more naturally. Please notify those who are involved that their presence will be required at this time.

Alternatively feel free to email the list of groups if more convenient to