De Courceys Manor Wedding Photography

South Wales wedding photographer at De Courceys


Here are some examples of my De Courceys Manor wedding photography. The De Courceys Manor is a family-run business and exclusive wedding venue, near Cardiff in South Wales. The history of the manor started in 1890 when, in an attempt to placate his homesick wife, Frederick De Courcey Hamilton, a local successful lawyer, built a magnificent wooden hunting lodge, shipping the materials from her homeland in Sweden. This unusual building became a local landmark but was unfortunately destroyed by a fire in the 1980s. A new structure was commissioned, this time in brick, but managed to maintain the warmth of the historic family home. During the next two decades it served as a restaurant, building a reputation for fine dining. In 2010 the present owners took control and through renovations, it has established itself as an exclusive wedding and events venue. If you are looking for a South Wales wedding photographer for your wedding please feel free to get in touch.



De Courceys Wedding Photography


So why book me for your DeCourceys wedding photography? My documentary approach ensures the photography does not turn the day into a photoshoot, but merely captures the day in its natural flow. No awkward poses, no cheesy grins, just honest, emotive, story telling imagery. I aim to provide an elegant pictorial record of your perfect wedding day. My advice to anyone getting married, is to relax and enjoy yourself on the day, chat and laugh with friends and family and the photography will take care of itself. If this sounds like it might suit you and you would like to discuss your wedding photography requirements any further, or just wish to check on my availability and fee, then please do contact me.

De Courceys Manor Wedding Photography