Wedding at The Lost Orangery at Euridge Manor – Emily & Nicholas

I have now been exclusively specialising in wedding photography for over twelve years and have witnessed some amazing unions in some really impressive locations. Emily and Nicholas managed to continue this theme when they decided to host their wedding in The Lost Orangery at Euridge Manor.

The unique venue settled amongst the Wiltshire countryside is the private residence of John Robinson, founder of the fashion chain, Jigsaw. The wonderful gardens have been designed by Julian and Isabel Bannerman, the couple responsible for garden design at Highgrove, Houghton House and the British 9/11 Memorial Garden in New York. It features a orangery with its own roof terrace, croquet lawn, pretty boating lake, boat house and a man made mound with a walkable path that circumvents the slope.

I started my photographic coverage with the bridal preparations at a nearby country house, before travelling to the village of Colerne in the Cotswolds to meet up with the groom at Euridge Manor. The ceremony took place in the Lost Orangery, after the confetti was thrown on picturesque roof garden, the wedding guests were directed to the garden terrace which overlooks the boating lake that borders the main house. Drinks and canapes were served in the afternoon sun shine, and after a few family photographs, it was time for the wedding breakfast.

This was followed by some emotional speeches, during which the groom receiving both barrels from his dual best-men, much to the amusement to all that attended. Once the champagne was downed and coffee served, the geust were free to explore the beautiful grounds, some made the climb up the mound to be awarded with the view of the Wiltshir countrside glowing in the evening sun. Others discovered the trampolines and croquet lawn. Once the sunset the bride and groom had organised a visual treat in the form of a firework display.


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