Trip to Barcelona

The first weekend of November  (2011) saw me in Barcelona with my wife and her two brothers and their wives. We have a tradition in the family when one of us have a big ‘0’ birthday the six of us take a short city break, so far we have been to Dublin, New York, Paris and now Barcelona.  I have added below a few photographs which I took on our little family camera (Panasonic GF1+20mm),  they all feature the works of the master architect Antoni Gaudi.

The first three are from the Sagrada Familia which Gaudi dedicated 43 years of his life and was left unfinished and untouched for three decades after his sudden death, the cranes are a semi-permanant feature as the construction still continues today. The last four are from Casa Batllo, a building I was familiar with without knowing much about it. The penultimate images is my favourite, it shows a small stair case in the attic, an area predominantly for storage and servant quarters, but to me it demonstrates that even in an area unlikely to be seen by many what great care to form and function was taken by the architect. The buildings of Gaudi are full examples of such attention to detail and his striving commitment to aesthetics – a true inspiration to anyone in an creative field of work.

Documentary Wedding Photographer Cardiff Documentary Wedding Photographer Cardiff Barcelona 003 Documentary Wedding Photographer Cardiff