Llanerch Vineyard Wedding – Abigail & Owain

Here is a small collection of the photograph I created for Abigail and Owain’s Llanerch Vineyard Wedding. The marriage took place on Saturday 4th June 2016 at St Nicholas Church in the Vale of Glamorgan in South Wales. The wedding reception was then hosted at Llanerch Vineyard, where on arrival guests were served chilled drinks in the Calon Lodge where they could enjoy with views of the vineyards nestled in the Welsh countryside. Later int he day, everyone was called for the wedding breakfast served in the purpose built marquee, which on own enclosed lawn which was perfect to allow the children present to run and play. Following some entertaining speeches, the band picked up their instruments and got the dancing underway.

As with all my clients, Abigail and Owain wanted a very natural approach to their wedding photography. So apart from a handful of family groups that they had requested and a few minutes of their time for a couple of portraits of just the two of them amongst the vineyards, they were free to enjoy they day with their friends and family. Which is after all the reason to have a wedding day is to celebrate the event with the closest people in in your lives. My task was then to capture the day as it unfolded without intrusion, allowing the atmosphere to created the imagery.


Wedding day shoes Brides show flower girl bouquet Make up and ironing in kitchen Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616004 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616005 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616006 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616007 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616008 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616009 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616010 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616011 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616012 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616013 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616014 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616015 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616016 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616017 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616018 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616019 Wedding ceremony at St Nicholas Church, Vale of Glamorgan Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616021 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616022 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616023 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616024 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616025 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616026 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616027 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616028 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616029 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616030 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616031 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616032 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616033 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616034 Bride and groom at a Llanerch Vineyard wedding Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616036 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616037 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616038 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616039 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616040 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616041 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616042 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616043 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616044 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616045 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616046 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616047 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616048 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616049 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616050 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616051 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616052 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616053 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616054 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616055 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616056 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616057 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616058 Llanerch-Vineyard-Wedding-040616059k