Herefordshire Wedding Photography

Herefordshire Wedding Photographer

Documentary wedding photography in the English country of Herefordshire


Here are some examples of my Herefordshire wedding photography. Each post represents a few favourite images from working as a Herefordshire wedding photographer. The county is one of most rural and least crowded counties in England. Located on the west border of England it neighbours Monmouthshire in Wales. The area is well known for its fruit and cider products, with land use being mostly agriculture. Wedding venues in this region therefore benefit from panoramic views of unspoilt rural countryside. Such examples include Brinsop Court, Dewsall Court, and Flanesford Priory.

So if you are currently planning your wedding, and looking for a Herefordshire wedding photographer who can capture your day with natural and emotive imagery, please do not hesitate to get in touch. My approach to wedding photography is friendly yet unobtrusive, designed to let you enjoy your day whilst I capture the essence with an understated reportage aesthetic. I work tirelessly to please my clients and so very proud of the feedback I hear from client comments;


 “We have received your photos and are so happy with them, thanks so much. I can see many hours being spent trawling over them trying to decide ones to frame etc!  We really appreciated having someone so calm, friendly, professional and unobtrusive around.”


Arabella & Nathaniel / Dewsall Court, Herefordshire

Herefordshire Wedding Photographer


So why book me for your Herefordshire wedding photography? My documentary approach ensures the photography does not turn the day into a photoshoot, but merely captures the day in its natural flow. No awkward poses, no cheesy grins, just honest, emotive, story telling imagery. I aim to provide an elegant pictorial record of your perfect wedding day. My advice to anyone getting married, is to relax and enjoy yourself on the day, chat and laugh with friends and family and the photography will take care of itself. If this sounds like it might suit you and you would like to discuss your Herefordshire wedding photography requirements any further, or just wish to check on my availability and fee, then please do contact me.