As a documentary wedding photographer the important thing is for your clients to understand how you work and this does involved a great deal of trust, simply because most of the work you do on the wedding day is not posed or rehearsed and therefore it can be hard to quantify.  When this trust is given the bride and groom can concentrate on enjoying their special day, this results in a terrific atmosphere where great photographs can be captured. I am very humbled to share some comments from some recent clients, the first from Karl and Krissie who were married at Nash Point Lighthouse on the 1st October 2011 and the second from the following week on the 7th when Amy and Toby held their wedding at Fonmon Castle.



This is just a short note to say thank you for our amazing wedding photographs. We’d looked at you website often and kept up with your blog so we knew we’d get great images. It was still an awesome surprise to see just how well the whole of our day was captured by you. The emotion, the guests, the activity and all without even really knowing you were there – you truly are an outstanding artist and we have been absolutely thrilled – cried, laghed and stared at each and every photo. We love to show off our photos to anyone who is remotely interested. Thank you!!

Karl & Krissie








Love, love, love the photographs! We are thrilled with them, thank you! You have such a unique style and they are all so interesting and beautiful. We also appreciated your discreet style and your unobtrusive manner – barely knowing that you were there at times. Many thanks again.

Amy and Toby