Caerphilly Castle Wedding Photography

Wedding photography at the South Wales wedding venue of Caerphilly Castle


Here are some examples of my Caerphilly Castle wedding photography from previous assignments at this South Wales wedding venue. Caerphilly Castle was built in the 13th century by Gilbert de Clare during his campaign to conquer the Welsh Prince, Llywelyn ap Gruffudd and claim the whole of Glamorgan. It survived several attacks, notably during the Civil War, the south east tower was set alight with gunpowder. Whilst it survived, it still leans precariously today. Thanks to the sprawling water defences, the castle covers over thirty acres. Caerphilly Castle is the second largest fortified castle in Great Britain. However by the 16th century it had fallen into disrepair. The lakes had drained away and some of the walls had been robbed of their stone. The Marquess of Bute took possession of the castle in 1776, and under the supervision of the third and fourth marquess, the castle was restored. In 1950 the castle was handed over to the state, who re-flooded the lakes and placed the management of this popular tourist attraction in the hands of Cadw. A department of the Welsh government which protects historic buildings and sites.