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A more natural approach to wedding photography in Cardiff & South Wales


Hello, my name is Sacha Miller and I am a professional photographer based near Cardiff in South Wales. I am able to provide wedding photography, portraits and corporate photography. I live in a small village just north of Cardiff within the rolling landscape that depicts the principality of Wales.

Since studying art and design, I have always earned my living as a professional photographer. My career of over twenty years began with the local newspaper, before working in the Caribbean as a ship’s photographer. On my return to the UK and settling in South Wales I began producing work for the national newspapers and magazines. This resulted in several front page photographs and picture led stories published in titles such as The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and The Independent.

Since 2004, I have specialised in documentary wedding photography, pioneering an approach where bride and grooms could enjoy the company of their friends and family and not spend the bulk of their wedding day posing for the camera. I am proud to say I have won a few awards along the way, such as Professional Photographer magazine’s ‘Wedding Photographer of the Year’.

More importantly I am in the fortunate position of having gained an enviable reputation that the majority of new wedding commissions come from past client recommendations. I have now photographed hundreds of weddings, each one unique as I allow room for the bride and groom to dictate the ambience. I continue to commit myself to providing the best wedding photography I can, without turning the day into a controlled photoshoot.

South Wales Wedding Photographer

“We photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing, and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth can make them come back again.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Wedding Photography Journal


This journal of my photography showcases a selection of images that I have produced from wedding commissions in Cardiff, South Wales and throughout the UK. This endeavour is to demonstrate a consistency of quality, style and the affectional properties a picture essay possess when telling an authentic and heartwarming story. The weddings are shown in chronological order, though through the buttons below you can view weddings via area or via some of the more popular venues that I have photographed.


Llandaff Cathedral & Cardiff Castle Wedding Photography – Sarah & Hadley

Llandaff Cathedral & Cardiff Castle Wedding Photography – Sarah & Hadley

One of most impressive places to photograph a wedding in Cardiff and South Wales, has to be Llandaff Cathedral. This impressive Anglican place of worship dates back to the 12th Century, whilst it acts as the parish church of the of Llandaff, its massive size is hidden by its location at the bottom...

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